How to take Real Estate photos using your smart camera

How to take Real Estate photos using your smart phone camera

It is essential to follow the steps below when taking photos using your smart phone:

  • Exterior; clean the outside e.g. ensure the garden is free from litter and sidewalks are clean
  • Interior; clean out the clutter inside the house e.g de-clutter counter tops

Turn on all interior lights before starting your photoshoot.

Place your camera in the Landscape position.

Change the lighting of the photo by changing the aperture control on your phone e.g. Iphone allows you to press the screen whilst scrolling up or down on the screen

Take the picture from the furthest corner of every room getting the widest angle possible of spaces e.g. stand just at the door entrance to get the widest possible angle for a bedroom photo. Stand at different corners of the room to show different features e.g. cupboards or windows